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Evan Haze Nuñez

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Hello hello. I am a PhD candidate at Caltech Astronomy. I previously attended El Camino College where I earned an AS in Physics (magna cum laude), then matriculated to California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to earn my BS in Physics (magna cum laude). I am “biracial” (African-American and Mexican), grew up in Southern California (Carson, CA then Torrance, CA), and am very family-oriented. My main goals in life are to do right by my loved ones and those I come into contact with, learn as much about the universe as I can, to share that knowledge with others, and to stay true to myself. Progress and vibes.

My Current Research

Thesis: Directly observing the baryon cycle during the peak of cosmic star formation rate density (z=2-3): Detecting and tracing the hydrogen and metals in high redshift galaxies’ interstellar and circumgalactic medium. More details including a report and a presentation can be found here.

First Year Project: Placing empirical constraints on the core-collapse supernova (CCSN) yields of zero to low metallicity massive stars using Very Metal-Poor Damped Lyman Alpha Absorbers (VMP DLAs). More details, a qual report, and link to the paper can be found here and in Research.

All current/previous researched topics

  • High redshift (z=2-3) galaxy evolution, DLA Host galaxies, Quasar absorption system host galaxies (Absorber-Host Galaxies), Lyman Break Galaxies, high redshift circumgalactic medium and interstellar medium
  • Galactic Chemical Evolution, Zero-Metallicity Core Collapse Supernova yields, Very-Metal Poor Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorber
  • Stellar Population Synthesis Models, Stellar Evolution, Massive Stars (Modeling Project that used UV, Visible and IR Data)
  • Pre-Main Sequence Stars, Young Stellar Objects (IR and X-ray data)
  • Quasars, high redshift quasars, observational cosmology (Visible Data)

Updated July 11, 2022